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List of Calls for Papers:

Title Description Type Due Date
Learning Analytics and Evidence-Informed Education The objective of the proposed special issue is to gather researchers and stakeholders, including edu... Special Issue 15-01-2024
Empowering Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers as Instructional Designers This Special Issue solicits paper proposals focusing on pre-service or in-service teachers’ roles ... Special Issue 31-01-2024
Positive Psychology and Its Applications in Language Teaching and Learning This Special Issue embarks on an exploration of the untapped potential of PP [positive psychology] i... Special Issue 05-02-2024
Special Issue Title: Decolonising or recolonising? Generative AI through the eyes of applied linguists, language teachers and language learners This SI focuses on how Generative AI as a tool has the potential to both decolonise and recolonise ... Special Issue 10-02-2024
Special Issue on Applications of Generative Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Education Applications of generative technologies to education are diverse and can be described through severa... Special Issue 01-03-2024
Qualitative research in applied linguistics: A call for temporally focused methods Important to our conceptualization of temporality is that it can be operationalized at a wide range ... Special Issue 29-03-2024
Special Issue CFP: Inclusive CALL and Teacher Dynamics: Unveiling Key Contributions and Challenges "[A]s society becomes more diverse and inclusive, it is imperative to address the evolving needs of ... Special Issue 31-03-2024
Research Methods for Young Language Learners: New Perspectives This Special Issue focuses on methodological innovations designed to address central but challenging... Special Issue 16-05-2024
Positive Psychology in Language Teaching: Delving into Factors that may Foster/Hinder Language Teacher Well-being Possible themes are suggested bellow, but are not limited to them: Pleasant Emotions, Unpleasant ... Special Issue 31-05-2024
The Reflections of Positive Psychology in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Possible themes are suggested below, but are not limited to them: • The Development of Positive Ed... Special Issue 31-07-2024

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