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Dr. Ngo Cong-Lem

Research Fellow & Teaching Associate | Monash University, Australia

Dr. Ngo Cong-Lem's research focuses on generative AI, second/foreign language education, human emotions, and adult/teacher learning.

His publications have appeared in:

  • Language Learning & Technology (CiteScore: 9.0, Impact Factor: 3.8) - Leading journal in educational technology
  • International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (CiteScore: 8.8, Impact Factor: 4.7, Taylor & Francis) - Prestigious journal on human-computer interaction
  • European Journal of Psychology of Education (CiteScore: 3.0, Impact Factor: 3.3, Springer) - Focuses on psychological processes in education
  • The Educational and Developmental Psychologist (CiteScore: 2.6, Impact Factor: 1.6, Taylor & Francis) - Explores psychological development in educational settings
  • Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science (CiteScore: 2.4, Impact Factor: 1.2, Springer) - Investigates the interplay between psychology and behavior
  • etc.

Beyond his academic pursuits, whenever time allows, he develops web apps for researchers and educators (see examples).

Feel free to reach out for potential collaboration at ngoconglem@gmail.com.

— Ngo Cong-Lem

News & Update:

Exciting News for L2/EFL Educators and Researchers!

Dr Ngo Cong-Lem's website has now successfully incorporated a web-based text analysis tool specifically designed to support L2/EFL educators and researchers. This new feature allows you to analyze text directly within the platform, providing valuable insights into language use and learning.

To access the text analysis tool, simply navigate to the myApps and select the relevant applications.

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